Certificate of Compliance

Digital Certificate of Compliance Stamps

Real Property Reports (RPR) are now stamped digitally by the City of Calgary, they will no longer stamp paper copies of the RPR.

Applying for the Digital Stamp

Once you have ordered a new or updated Real Property Report from a registered Alberta Land Surveyor you can apply for the digital certificate of compliance online, in person or by mail. For more information of the application process or to apply online click here.

Timelines for Compliance

Applications through the City of Calgary are typically reviewed within 24 hours of receipt. Once your application has been reviewed the City of Calgary will advise if your application is approved. If your application is not approved right away additional review will be required. The additional review process will required 7-14 days to come to a decision on your Certificate of Compliance.

Why you need a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of compliance is typically required to as part of the agreement to sell a property in Alberta. The Real Property Report should be an accurate reflection of the current state of the site and shows all structures located on the property. All structures includes houses, decks, sheds, fences, retaining walls, window wells and A/C units, etc.

Contact a Trusted Real Estate Lawyer in Calgary

If you are uncertain about your existing Real Property Report, you should contact an experienced property lawyer for guidance. MacKay Real Property Law has a team of lawyers available to advise on your legal options and review your Real Property Report. This article is provided for general information and is not considered a substitute for legal advice. 

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