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Legal Services for Property Purchases in Alberta

Buying a property?

You’ve just committed to a major life decision, now what’s next?

Choosing the right real estate lawyer can be the difference between a stressful or smooth experience.

MacKay Real Property Lawyer is here to guide you through the home buying process and ensure you land safely on the other side, no hair out of place.

It takes a village

Our real estate lawyers work closely with your team, which can include realtors, mortgage brokers, lenders and surveyors to ensure a seamless journey towards those keys in your hands.

Some even say it was fun, we sure think it is.

Who doesn't like learning?

Making sure you are guided through the home buying process with ease and leave feeling like you gained some knowledge along with way.

The choice is in your hands to decide on the right property lawyer and team to put together all the pieces of your purchase, protect your interests and making sure you meet your obligations.

Our Process

Our patented Simple Steps™ simplified legal process will make your filing experience a breeze

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Types of Residential Real estate in Alberta we can assist with include: