Signing Options

Which is Your "Just Right"?

There are three main things that were historically accomplished in a signing appointment with a Real Estate Lawyer. First, the lawyer was able to explain both the transaction and the documents needed to complete the transaction. Secondly it allowed the lawyer to confirm the clients identity and finally it allowed for the documents to be signed and witnessed. All three goals still need to be achieved but now we have more options of how to achieve them.

Traditional Sign

Traditional Sign – This is exactly what you think it is, though with a few new twists. All documents and transaction related information will be explained and discussed face to face with your Real Estate Lawyer at one of our locations. But with the addition of strict protocols following the Public Health Agency of Canada best practices are followed to ensure your safety but other than that this is the “business as usual” option.

Remote Sign

Remote Sign- Your identity can be verified and the standard legal documentation used on a real estate transaction can be signed from your home and witnessed by the Real Estate Lawyer via two-way web conference rather than in person. Paper documents are signed during the video conference and returned to our office via courier.